Royalties are donated to nonprofits:

·         Pegasus Farm:
                 A therapeutic riding center serves children
                 and adults with special needs    

·         Shepherd's Spring  conference center      
·         Greyson Carlisle Compassionate Care fund      
·          WKSU PBS Radio

David B. McCoy 

Short, concise, and informative, most
publications take between 60 & 90
minutes to read and cost less than $6.00.

+100 Plus Ways to Protect Your Privacy
(Paperback and eBook)

+The Average Family's Multi-Disaster Preparedness Manual
(Paperback and eBook)

+A Short History of Hilton Head Island
(Paperback and eBook)

+Gullah Culture: 1670—1950. Paper back and eBook. (The Gullah are the descendants of enslaved Africans who live in the Lowcountry region of the South. The Gullah people have been able to preserve much of their African cultural heritage because of geography, climate, and patterns of importation.)
(Paperback and eBook)

+Christopher Gist. Paper back and eBook.(Gist is remembered for exploring lands west of the Appalachian Mt. and opening up of the Ohio Country in the 1700s.)
(Paperback and eBook)

+A Minimalist's Guide to Picking High Yield Dividend Stocks

+George Washington (HarperPress, $1.99.
Audible Audio Edition, $2.95.)

+The Kent State Shootings and What Came Before
(Paperback and eBook)

+An American’s Guide to Understanding
the Troubles of Northern Ireland
(Paperback and eBook)

+The England's First Industrial Revolution

General John Burgoyne: general, statesman, playwright
(Paperback and eBook)

+Join the Parade of Horses and Heroes: Knowledge about volunteering at an equine-assisted therapy program for special-needs individuals
(Paperback and eBook)

 War of 1812
 +Andrew Jackson
 +Francis Scott Key
 +Oliver Hazard Perry: The Hero of Lake Erie
 +Dolley Madison, Gilbert Stuart, and
       George Washington’s Portrait

 +The Rise of Modern America
 +Early Jazz and the Harlem Renaissance
 +Margaret Sanger and the Birth Control Movement
 +The Invisible Empire of the Ku Klux Klan 
 +The Scopes Monkey Trial 

 +Carolingian Dynasty Rise to Power and the Saxon war
 +The Daily Lives of Peasants
 +Becoming Holy Roman Emperor
 +Carolingian Renaissance

 +Charlemagne: Volumes 1-4
(Paper only)

+ Voices from Behind the Mask
(Hardback, selected works)
+  Seeds of Change: three long poems**(Paper only)
+  The Sippo Lake Collection & Other Poems**(Paper only)
+  Lies As Told by POTUS 45 Distilled Into 45 Short,
        Charming Poems** (Paper only)
+  No Clever Title Just A Bunch of Prose Poems
+  The Poems of Francis Scott Key, Ed. By David B McCoy


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